Official launch of Healthy Village Ethiopia

After signing the agreements, Max Foundation Ethiopia and Plan International now officially launched the Healthy Village Programme in Ethiopia on the 29th of May!

It was a very succesful and fruitful day in which the Healthy Village Programme has been presented by our wonderful Max Foundation Ethiopia Team, and teammembers from Plan International. We are very excited about all the next steps that are coming our way. Every day we come closer to establishing our main goal: Reducing the prevalence of stunting and the incidence of water- and faecal-borne diseases among children under two years, through an integrated WASH, and food & nutrition security Programme!

Healthy Village Programme Ethiopia

Together with Plan International, Max Foundation has developed an innovative five-year (2020 – 2025) integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), food & nutrition security programme called the ‘Healthy Village’, to reduce stunting and water- and faecal-borne diseases in a sustainable manner, jointly developed and implemented with the Government of Ethiopia. The Programme is focusing on approximately 400,000 people that are most vulnerable or do not yet have sufficient access to clean water and sanitation, care, are food insecure and/or have poor nutritional status.

Through learning, evidencing and engagement the Healthy Village Programme is an innovative ‘speedboat’ that supports ongoing and emerging ‘tanker’ programmes, e.g. large-scale government programmes. While we aim for national impact, field implementation be in Amhara region, with three selected Woreda’s Meket, , Sekota, Lay Gayint, and Ofla Woreda in Tigray, mainly of Government of Ethiopia’s Seqota Declaration programme.