Our story starts with Max

Max Foundation is named after Max Le Poole who passed away at 8 months old due to a rare viral infection. Max’ parents Steven and Joke Le Poole wanted to bring something positive out of this great loss and prevent other parents from suffering the same sorrow. They also wanted to reach the most impact with the limited resources they had. Principles of effective altruism and Maximum Value for Money guided their search.

Mission & vision

- Our mission -

A healthy start for every child in the most effective and long-lasting way

- Our vision -

A world where easily preventable diseases are no longer a cause for child mortality

Our strategy

Our five-year strategy (through 2023) has three main aims:

• Create more urgency around just how big of a problem undernutrition is in the world

• Support innovative entrepreneurial models; not business-as-usual

• Get proof of our results and then shout about them – for us and others to be more effective.

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Theory of change

Our Theory of Change describes how and why we want to reach our development objective: providing a healthy start in life for children under five in the most effective and sustainable way

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Riad Mahmud Director
Kazal Adihul Senior Programme Manager
Jamal Hossain Administration and Finance
Mohammad Irfan Program Manager
Masadul Alam MIS specialist
Faisal Ahmed Governance and Capacity Building Specialist
Md Amad Uddin Operations and Admin Officer
Babul Shaikh WASH and Health Behaviour Change Specialist
Amal Kumar Accounts and Admin Officer
Sohel Mahmud Monitoring Officer
Rafi Irtiza Rasa System Development Engineer
Amir Hossain Monitoring Officer
A.K.M Rafiqul Islam WASH and Health Behaviour Change Specialist
Tanjila Ahmed Accounts Officer
Most. Sumaiya Khatun Call Centre Agent
Satabdi Roy Call Centre Agent
Mst. Doly Khatun Call Centre Agent
Hasanul Musaddek Project Finance Manager
Basu Deb Saha Monitoring Officer
Shahlin Hossain Advisor and HRM manager
Meseret Yetubi Programme Manager and Consortium Lead
Ayichalim Goshu Advocacy and Influencing Specialist
Askalemariam Adugna Finance and Admin Manager
Gizachew Mulu Nutrition Specialist
Hana Mulugeta Office Assistant
Simeneh Shiferaw WASH specialist
Assefa Belay Entrepreneurship and Marketing Specialist
Nathnael Wassie Food Security and Climate Change Specialist
Elleni Girma Admin assistant
Marjolijn Wilmink Co-CEO
Joke Le Poole Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Kate Pearson Director of Business Development and Partnerships
Leen Noltes Senior Portfolio Manager
Suzan van der Wilt Portfolio Manager
Asana Alhassan HR and Finance officer
Madelon Heering Manager Partnerships
Laurien de Vos Senior Advisor Public Affairs
Remco Geervliet Data and Monitoring Specialist
Colette Beukman Communications Manager
Joris Kaak Chair of the Board
Claudio Acioly
Margot Quaegebeur Max Social Enterprise
Femke Rotteveel Marketing and Communications
Marleen van Thienen Financial Specialist and Controller

Our partners

NGO & consortium partners
Network, advocacy & research partners
Business, foundation & institutional partners

Jobs & internships

At Max Foundation we work towards a healthy future for all children. A business-driven approach is in our genes. Does this sound good to you?
Check out our open positions and see if there is a match with your profile.