Market-based WASH solutions

This programme focuses on transforming the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) situation of underserved Bangladeshi families. We achieve this through systems change: strengthening & initiating service providers with a focus on small and medium entrepreneurs, social marketing for demand creation among potential end-users, and catalysing a supportive environment. This programme supports over 500 entreprenreneurs as well as 25 entrepreneur associations. It falls under the broader Max Nutri-WASH programme, but focusing exclusively on strengthening supply and demand for market-based WASH solutions.

Effective business and improved hygiene

We contribute to effective and profitable water and sanitation businesses and improved hygiene levels of underserved households in rural, southwest Bangladesh.<br /> <br /> The three pathways to this are: 1) strengthened private sector, 2) integrated awareness and demand creation, and 3) strengthened enabling environment (supportive government and community). Local entrepreneurs build and sell latrines, handwashing basins and women’s bathing chambers. Health promotion agents (female microentrepreneurs) earn sales commissions and sell hygiene and nutrition products themselves. A cadre of sweepers empty pit latrines as a paid service. All of them have seen turnover at least doubled as a result.

Entrepreneur associations


One key activity has been supporting local water, sanitation and hygiene entrepreneurs to form associations, helping them to organise and get registered. The associations provide a platform for mutual support, for example negotiating together with suppliers and local government.


Woord & Daad, Christian Service Society (CSS), Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), Shushilan, Stichting Land Ontwikkelings Project Bangladesh (SLOPB), SKS Foundation, Jagrata Juba Shangha (JJS).