New Boardmembers Max Foundation

Exciting news: we have an (almost) entirely new Max Foundation board for the upcoming years! We'd love to introduce them to you. Below you can find a little description of each boardmember, alongside their photo. Want to get in touch? Head over to the 'our team' section of our website to find their details.

Fokko van der Zee – Chair of the Board

Fokko is a senior executive with experience in international businesses (strategy, growth, operations and team development). Today he is active as Chief Commercial Officer at Intergas. Fokko said he was very humbled and happy to serve as chair of the Max Foundation, because he strongly believes in the outcome based approach as the Max Foundation applies it, to have real and lasting impact.


Marleen Thienen – Boardmember Finance

Marleen is a partner at the multi-family office Water Tower Private Office, and is the only boardmember that isn’t new: she has been part of the board of Max Foundation since 2018.  In 2017 she started working for Max Foundation as a volunteer, because she admired the strong focus on effectiveness and impact. Marleen said she is honoured to be a part of this organisation, and proud of everything the team has achieved in a short amount of time. Truly unique in the field.

Joost Möhlmann – Boardmember Programmes, Data and Partnerships

Joost has a background in urban developement. He lived and worked in many places around the world, including Mozambique and Rwanda while working for the United NAations and the Red Cross, developing and executing projects centered around water, health, and urban development. Right now he lives in The Hague, and is working as a programme director for the Central Government Real Estate Agency.


Femke Rotteveel – Marketing and Communications

Femke is a connector, with a large international network of social organisations, cultural institutions, funds, impact investors, artists and entrepreneurs. Art plays a big role in her life, as a unique messenger that crosses borders and builds bridges. Femke said three things are crucial for the work she wants to do: adding social value, an entrepreneurial and creative attitude, and a motivated team that is driven by trust and engagement. Seems like a great match for Max Foundation!

Margot Quaegebeur – Boardmember Max Social Enterprise

Margot was a boardmember several years back, and is thrilled to return to the Max Foundation Board. She has worked in the Impact Investing space for about 15 years and will use that experience to help grow Max Tapwater (Max Foundation’s social business), to bring safe drinking water and health to many more families. Margot says it’s great to see how much Max Foundation has grown and developed since its start, especially during the last couple of years. It’s exciting to be part of that.

Visit ‘our team‘ to get in contact with the new boardmembers!