Our strategy 

Our ambition is for all children in our focus countries have a healthy start in life, by tackling undernutrition, to have others adopt integrated WASH-nutrition interventions like our Healthy Village approach, and for profitable business models to support this.

In the beginning we focused on making a difference on the ground. Now we realise that for impact at scale, we also must make a change in the world – by influencing others. In our child health pillar, not only proving the approach works (data and evidence), but also working with others to expand and mainstream our approach (advocacy and engagement).  For building business, supporting market-based, entrepreneur-led ways to provide products and services that improve lives in ways that impact child health.


Our five-year strategy (through 2023) has three main aims:

  • Advocate and create more urgency around just how big of a problem undernutrition is in the world, to reach scale and maximise our impact. Parents, communities, NGOs, private sector, and government all have a role to play, and we want to  give the world a wake-up call.
  • Support innovative entrepreneurial models that are not business-as-usual, such as our spin-off social enterprise, Max TapWater.
  • Get proof of our results and then shout about them – to document our results (good and bad), using credible partners to verify the data, to be able to share what we’ve learned and learn from others, to help us and others be more effective.