Why Max TapWater

There’s a direct link between hygiene, safe water, and child health. Clean water in the home makes it easier for families to practice safe water habits, using clean water not only for drinking but also for all domestic purposes such as washing pots and pans. Our experience shows people want piped water at home and are willing to pay.

How it works

Building Business  

Only 4.5% of households in rural and peri-urban Bangladesh have a piped water connection, leaving over 100 million people unserved. The need is great, but so is the market opportunity.

We have launched a spin-off social enterprise, in Bangladesh: Max TapWater, after several pilots, which are already creating revenue. We aim to prove the business case with our scalable model. Read more on the Max TapWater website about how we supply piped water to the doorstep through small-scale piped grids, operated by local entrepreneurs.


Our Partners