Expression of Interest Healthy Village in Burundi

Max Foundation is looking for partner NGOs in Burundi, to implement the innovative Healthy and Resilient Collines programme.

Chronic malnutrition or stunting is a significant problem in Burundi, with approximately 56% of children under five years of age being affected, the highest rate in the world.

The complexity of chronic malnutrition requires an integrated approach with different interventions and different partners. The Healthy and Resilient Collines programme in Burundi combines the proven Healthy Village (developed by Max Foundation) and Participatory Integrated Planning (PIP) approach (developed by Wageningen University & Research (WENR)), and Healthy Entrepreneurs (HE) expertise on boosting entrepreneurship of health-related products in rural areas in Burundi.

If you are interested to become an implementation partner in this programme, please read more in the Expression of Interest and all other templates below.